‘Don’t overload your vehicle when recycling’ – a letter to The GEM

By Contributed Item in Local People

I am writing this letter with regard to the potential hazards of transporting waste materials in private vehicles to the recycling centre at Atlantic Trading Estate, although the principle applies to all centres.

I assure you that my intentions are genuinely linked to a concern for people’s safety.

It is that time of year again, spring clean, tidy up the garden, clear out the garage, do DIY jobs etc; all jobs which create unwanted recyclable waste or items. Some will go in the kerbside collection but much will need disposal at one of the Vale’s recycling centres, such as at Atlantic Trading Estate.

Like many residents I am a visitor to this facility, which is an excellent addition to the kerbside collection service. On my visits, however, I note that some people fill their vehicles, literally, including the car boot, back seats and even front seats with all sorts of items and materials for disposal.

Very often the materials consist of sharp, heavy or bulky items which are often not secured but placed on seats or wedged in with little though for the vehicle carrying suitability or capacity.

With a view to the safety of all drivers and passengers in such vehicles, I wanted to remind people of the potential hazards this creates for the vehicle occupants.

In the event of the need to brake suddenly, or if involved in a minor or major collision, any insecure items or materials may end up becoming projectiles within the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

This is one of the reasons for rear seat belts to prevent persons being thrown forward in an uncontrolled manner, so why would we create a situation where potentially lethal items of waste are placed in the seating area of our vehicles?

So please, give a serious thought for your own safety and that of anybody who might be travelling with you.

Of course the chances of occurrence may be slim, but with some extra thought you may be able to prevent an unfortunate injury or worse where there may not have been one.

Yes: it might mean more than one trip by restricting materials to the car’s boot, or maybe even the payment for council collection, which could possibly be split between neighbours who have bulk items to dispose of as I know the charge will be prohibitive for some, but surely these options are better than the potential risk to your wellbeing.

A concerned resident of the Vale.

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